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m-ld clone configuration, used to initialise a MeldClone for use.


  • MeldConfig



Optional @context

@context: Context

An optional JSON-LD context for the domain data. If not specified:

  • @base defaults to http://{domain}
  • @vocab defaults to the resolution of /# against the base


@domain: string

A URI domain name, which defines the universal identity of the dataset being manipulated by a set of clones (for example, on the configured message bus). For a clone with persistent data from a prior session, this must be the same as the previous session.


@id: string

The local identity of the m-ld clone session, used for message bus identity and logging. This identity does not need to be the same across re-starts of a clone with persistent data. It must be unique among the clones for the domain. For convenience, you can use the uuid function.

Optional constraints

constraints: ConstraintConfig[]

Semantic constraints to apply to the domain data.


see MeldPlugin


genesis: boolean

Set to true to indicate that this clone will be 'genesis'; that is, the first new clone on a new domain. This flag will be ignored if the clone is not new. If false, and this clone is new, successful clone initialisation is dependent on the availability of another clone. If set to true, and subsequently another non-new clone appears on the same domain, either or both clones will immediately close to preserve their data integrity.

Optional journal

journal: JournalConfig

Journaling configuration

Optional logLevel

logLevel: LogLevelDesc

Optional maxDataCacheSize

maxDataCacheSize: undefined | number

Size of the data cache, in bytes. Increasing the size can improve the performance of operations on large data objects such as binary and text, at the expense of memory utilisation. Note that cache items size calculation is approximate and an underestimate, so this value should be set conservatively.



Optional maxOperationSize

maxOperationSize: undefined | number

An upper bound on operation message size, in bytes. Usually imposed by the message publishing implementation. Default is infinity. Exceeding this limit will cause a transaction to fail, to prevent a clone from being unable to transmit the update to its peers.



Optional networkTimeout

networkTimeout: undefined | number

An sane upper bound on how long any to wait for a response over the network, in milliseconds. Used for message send timeouts and to trigger fallback behaviours. Default is five seconds.


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