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An update that has cleared preliminary checks and been assigned metadata, but has not yet been signalled to the application. Available to triggered rules like constraints and agreement conditions.




Optional Readonly @agree

@agree: any

If this key is included and the value is truthy, this update is an agreement. The value may include serialisable proof that applicable agreement conditions have been met, such as a key to a ledger entry.


Readonly @delete

@delete: GraphSubjects

Partial subjects, containing properties that have been deleted from the domain. Note that deletion of a property (even of all properties) does not necessarily indicate that the subject's identity is not longer represented in the domain.

Readonly @insert

@insert: GraphSubjects

Partial subjects, containing properties that have been inserted into the domain.

Optional Readonly @principal

@principal: Reference

An identified security principal (user or machine) that is responsible for this update.


Readonly @update

@update: GraphSubjects

Partial subjects, containing only properties with a SharedDatatype in the domain, which have been operated on. Subject property values under this key will typically be inline constraint expressions using mutation operators like @plus, which must be interpreted by the receiving code.

Note that most data changes appear as combinations of @delete and @insert, even if the original user update used the @update keyword, because most data in the domain comprises atomic immutable values which are updated by replacement. Shared data types, in contrast, are mutable and their updates can only be provided using expressions.


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