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Auditable trace of an app update. The properties of this object represent a number of possible relationships among updates and operations, each of which is well-defined in the m-ld protocol. This means that a sufficiently sophisticated auditing system would be able to re-create, and therefore verify, the trace provided.



  • UpdateTrace



Optional Readonly applicable

applicable: AuditOperation

The triggering operation, adjusted to remove any parts of it that have already been applied. This is relevant if the trigger is remote and a fusion. This operation is always recorded in the clone journal.

Optional Readonly error

error: MeldError

Defined if the operation was not processed due to the specified error. Such errors will always be indicative of a bad request. Catastrophic errors such as crashes will instead cause the clone itself to shut down in an error state; see {@link MeldClone#status}.

Optional Readonly resolution

resolution: AuditOperation

If the applicable operation violated a constraint, then the update will combine it with a resolution. This property gives access to the raw resolution, which is also recorded in the journal.

Readonly trigger

The operation that directly triggered an app update, either a local write or an arriving remote operation. This operation always exists but is not necessarily recorded in the clone journal.

Readonly voids

If the applicable operation is an agreement, it may have caused some operations to have been voided. This property gives access to precisely which operations were removed, in reverse order (as if each was undone). These operations will have already been removed from the journal.


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